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Jayden’s essays and blogs

This is where I will be doing my blogs and essays.

Latest from the Blog

Lesson 180 ENG5

What did you learn from this class this year and what did you enjoy the most Today is my last English lesson for 5th grade and I learned about verbs, conjunctions, sentence patterns, and the eight parts of speech. I also learned Latin roots and Greek root. I learned the 46 punctuation rule, similes, metaphors,…

Lesson 165 ENG5

If I could do one thing to make the world better what would you do. I would create a time machine to go back in time and invent the things we have today. We could also learn about how people lived back then as cave men. Then we could save extinct animals. The second invention…

Lesson 170 HIS4

Semaphore Telegraph Claude Chappe was born in France and his uncle was a famous astronomer. He taught Claude how to use a telescope. The Chappe brothers designed visual telegraph for use in wartime France and the first semaphore towers were ready in 1792. Its impact on his is that Portugal lost its empire and Morse…